Sarah Andrews

Bring back our girls


Since the Bring Back Our Girls campaign has been out of the spotlight and the issue remains unresolved,  we decided to use typography and photography as a way to bring back attention to the cause. 


2016 - D&AD New Blood  .  2016 - AAF Addy - District - 2x Silver   .  2016 - Graphis New Talent - Silver


Art Director - Sarah Andrews   &   Waner Almeida - Art Director   &   Adenike Akinbisehin - Photographer


M&M Freedom PACk


To show support, M&M introduced the Pride Pack which includes a purple M&M to complete the array of colors on the rainbow - the same colors of the LGBT flag. Whether you're M&M, M&W, or W&W, we're all the same inside.


Art Director - Sarah Andrews   &   Tino Gonzalez - Copywriter   &   Waner Almeida - Art Director




Using Google image recognition technology, YouTube introduces a new app feature named 'YouLearn' which allows users to learn about topics by simply taking a photo.


Sarah Andrews - Art Director   &   Jesus Acevedo - Art Director   &   GT Smith - Art Director   &   Paul DeMontpellier - Copywriter




Firing shots in the air as a warning or celebration is a fairly common practice. But as these "errant bullets" inevitably return to the ground they reach speeds of 136 - 205 mph, threatening to cause major injury, or even death. Last year alone, 617 people fell victim to errant bullets throughout America. So we took firearm targets shaped liked fallen bodies and placed them on city sidewalks to deliver a clear message: "Errant Bullets make us all easy targets."


2016 - AAF Addy - Silver  .  2016 - Summit Creative - Silver


Art Director - Sarah Andrews &   Art Director - Daniel Jaramillo   &   Copywriter - Dan Flora / Felipe Molina


the Nivea Umbrella


 To illustrate the relationship between skin care and outside influences, Nivea created umbrellas with women's faces displayed on them to better show how both products serve a similar purpose: protecting your skin.


2016 - Graphis New Talent - Merit


Art Director - Sarah Andrews   &   Art Director - Rajath Ramamurthy